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Private IP address is merely used in inner network settings. You notice any foul activity coming from an inside IP is either coming through inside the network itself, or is the outcome of mis configuration or an error.

Certain IP addresses & IP ranges are retained for exclusive usage, like for private or local networks, and must not be seen on the shared internet. These retained ranges, accompanied by more IP ranges which have not yet been allotted and consequently also shouldn’t be seen on the shared internet are at times called as bongos.

Access the Admin Page

  • Special IP is retained for accessing routers admin panel. This and more IPs are universally accepted global standards for router IPs such as,, etc.In literature it is even known“Gateway Default IP”.
  • By capturing the ip you may access the admin web page into the address bar of web browser & you should confirm login password in the table. By a click on this link you can even access it:

Router Login Method

  • You might be considering a method to login into the router admin panel if you are here. Only capture into the: browser address bar. Afterwards, input the name &code word of the modem. Click on the IP address if you don’t remember it.
  • Every router is not similar. Also there are variations concerning numerous brands of similar business. Such establishments use this ip as IP login. does not work

You could perhaps not make out but the thing is that recent default IP login that your machine uses could be discovered from inside the device. Only opt for the Device/Operating System and keep to directions.

Finding the router’s IP address

If you encounter any issues accessing the router with IP (taking time to load or not loading whatever), your network may perhaps be using alternative address like,, or In that situation check out list of router IP address. Also you may read the lecture on how to find the IP address of your router for added assistance.

Routers Brands Using

Following companies are using as login IP.


Username & Password for

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