About D-Link

D-Link Corporation is a global networking Taiwanese tool production company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. D-Link is the company name of an engineer& producer of broadband,networking, voice digital and data communication solutions. In addition to offering connectivity network solutions the company provides customer devices to medium and small -sized business.


At present, D-Link is laying the foundation for the world which is more linked, smarter, & extra convenient. Their IP cameras, Wi-Fi routers, smart home gadgets&various products let clients enjoy comfortable online experiences & better sensibleness in the luxury of your homes. In the mean time the combined network solutions carry onto add competences in broadband, switching, IP surveillance, wireless, & network management cloud-based to facilitate:

  • Individuals can get better online experiences & peace of mind.
  • Firm scan get along with more clients & profit.
  • Town scan connect to securer, extra energy-effective urban settings.

Whatsoever your networking requirements, D-Link always offers the latest superior tools & services at reasonable prices.

Setting Up the D-Link Cloud Router

After you have bought a D-Link router so now you’re prepared to get your speedy Wi-Fi up & running. Due to D-Link’s speedy Router Setup procedure, it is just a piece of cake. Still just in case you’ll require any additional assistance, below is the complete process & also offers links to useful sources.

D-Link Cloud Router

What you can expect in the Box

Even though older gadgets might contain a setup wizard CD rather than a card of Wi-Fi configuration, your box must contain:

  • Ethernet cable
  • Power adapter
  • Wi-Fi Configuration Card
  • Router
  • Before you BeginQuick Installation Guide
  1. Clients with DSL suppliers– If you use a PPPoE link, you will require your PPPoE username &keyword. If you don’t have any info, call the Internet service provider (ISP). Don’t continue until you obtain this info.
  2. Clients with Cable suppliers– Ensure the power is unplugged to the modem. In few cases, you might require to switch it off for around 10 minutes.
  3. Users with Router/Modem Combo – If the ISP offered you with a router/modem combo, you will require setting it to “bridge” mode hence your D-Link router should properly work. Simple contact the ISP or check the client guide book for router/modem device.

Share the Internet connection with the wireless & wired devices with speedy wireless speeds & range to extend more places all through your house.

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