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IP address has range between to Local network uses this address range. A router assigns IP to some machine (I pad, PC, Home Laptop, cell phone, etc.) automatically of the home network.

The IP ranges from to as the IP is part of a reserved IP range obeying the standards fixed by 1918 RFC. Addresses such as are not authoritative in the shared Internet. If the remote networks has to be linked with the internet, is has to use an alternate server or access.

Why are addresses like so common?

As disclosed, the private IP address is part of class C networks. This ranges from network to This formulates the figure of potential IP addresses 65,525. This range is generally used on personal networks because a lot of routers are formed with their default address such as, or,

By connecting with this network to your laptop, tablet, phone you acquire an IP address such as in this incident.

Accessing the router

Any router is reachable due to this browser. If the IP address of router is, input in the browser. You can find a login page. Most regularly used names and keywords are: “1234”,”admin”, or “none”. Kindly read the router papers. is not the router IP

If in case current IP address is not the router IP you will regain the router IP with the command Ip config (just Windows, for Linux &Mac uses ip config).

Hit Start, hit run, insert in “cmd” & hit enter

Insert ipconfig and push enter.

Login to the Router

Login Page – If you by this time identify that your IP address of your router is, press the key till you open the login page.

Links not working – If they don’t load, or taking more than a few sec for loading, you are having the incorrect IP address. Write any of the IP addresses.

Login data – You have to identify your login data to access the router. To find shared default usernames or keywords glance at the list given. If you recognize which router you own, you may find some more full info. If you ever amended the usernames or passwords on your router, but don’t memorize it, you have to Reset the Router.Search the defaults IDs for IP in the list.

Username & Password

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