About Legrand

Legrand is a French manufacturing company traditionally established in Limoges in the Limousin district. Legrand is the world-wide expert in digital & electrical building communications. From user interfaces,& connection components to building systems, the Company makes high end-value-added solutions& products for residential, commercial, &mechanized buildings. Each day, over 38,000 devoted Legrand workers work to improve digital &electrical building infrastructures & support to develop connected structures all over the globe.


Our History

With its origin from a simple ceramic plant, Legrand slowly progressed on electrical wiring gadgets & has now turn out to be the world-wide expert in digital &electrical building infrastructures.

1.  Legrand Arteor in 2011 was the biggest worldwide for sockets &switches, with 20 percent of the world wide market, and it was even world wide greatest in cable management (15 percent of the world-wide market), producing 75 percent of its business globally. It rankings in India is second for sales of sockets &switches, and rankings first for MCB mini circuit breakers &DB distribution boards.

2. The Company is even increasing its product range with reference to support able development & energy saving equipment, and even has created different products for lighting control & photo voltaic systems.

3. Laterits foundation, during 1904, Legrand has modified to market developments. Learn how a ceramic plant became the world-wide specialist for electrical & digital constructing infrastructure.Nowadays, the Company is supporting the associated transformation in buildings. 

4. In 2018, Legrand maintained to build upits profile of lucrative, supportable development, proposing a strong long-term view point for all share holders—the Company, the workers, the consumers & the investors.

Legrand’s grow this powered by 2growing drivers

  1. The foremost is organic development, sustained by constant invention, with latest-product promotion sat frequent intervals, & profitable schemes.
  2. The second is acquirement- driven development, via directed, secure-on pro curements of mid &small -size firms which match the Company’s business.All at once, public mega trends, mega trends linked to altering client practices& ones in knowledge—aging populaces, Eco-friendly protection, development, growing mobility, the Internet, the digital transformation and further—provide significant growth occasions.

Strategy of Legrand

Technology & Innovation

The basic of Legrand’s culture is Innovation & latest technologies.

Latest technologies & Targeted procurements

In the course of procurement-driven development, Legrand takes a targeted method to strengthen its position in tough markets.

Legrand’s global presence

Legrand’s early stages were basically European, now a days it is present internationally. Working on global markets, Legrand is well-known in nearly 90 nations, & its products are spread on all continents, in almost 180 nations.

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