Find Router IP Address

How to Find Your Router’s IP Address on Any PC, Smartphone’s, or Tablets. If ever you’ve required accessing the router’s setup web-page to make few configuration modifications, you should know the router’s IP address gain entry. If you’ve fail to remember what the IP address is, here’s how to recover it on almost each platform.

In this world of networking, a default access is the IP address which traffic gets directed to while it’s heading for a destination external the present network. At most homes & minor business networks — wherein you own a solo router & numerous linked devices — private IP address of the router is the default access. All gadgets by default on your network broadcast traffic to that IP address. Windows gadgets describe this “default access” in the interface. Simply iPhones, Macs, & iPads describe it “router” in their interface. Also on other gadgets, you might just observe “gateway” or something identical. Your router IP address is crucial as that’s the address you will need to write in the browser so as to trace setup page of your web-based routers where you may configure its settings.

In Windows Finding Your Router’s IP Address

The IP address of your router as the “Default Gateway” is the network connection info on Windows. If you choose to use the Command Prompt, you may discover the default gateway for some connection fast by use of the command ipconfig.

  • If you choose, you may even locate the default gateway address via the visual interface. Firstly, visit the Control Panel. Simply press Start, write “control panel,” & now press Enter.
  • In the category “Network & Internet”, press the “network view status & tasks” link.
  • In “Network and Sharing Centre” window, the upper right corner, press your network connection name.
  • Press the “Details” key in the window “Ethernet Status”.

In the window “Network Connection Details”, you will locate IP address of your router listed as “Gateway IPv4 Default.” On an iPad or iPhone, simply go to Settings > Wi-Fi, & then hit the name of the Wi-Fi networks. You will spot the IP address of the router listed as router.

Several third-party Android applications will display this info, as well as Wi-FI Analyzer, that even offers an outstanding way to select the perfect Wi-Fi channel for the router’s Wi-Fi networks. If you own additional network info app, simply search for the IP address “Gateway”.

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