IP Address

Click the button below to enter the IP router admin

Login Steps to your Router 

  • Begin by connecting the router cable to your computer or any relevant device. You also have the option of connecting through a wireless network. If you are going to connect to Wi-Fi, ensure that you have a stable internet connection. When making any modifications or amendments to settings its best recommended using the wired connection option. This prevents a situation of being suddenly logged out when you click the save button. 
  • Once you opened the web browser key in in the address bar. This is the gateway login address. If this fails, try typing in or in the address bar. The correct IP is the one registered as the default gateway.
  • Now that you have accessed the admin panel you can key in the router’s default username and password. 

Troubleshooting Problems 

  • Verify the Cable Connection- Try keying in the router’s brand and model into any web browser and you can find the username and password of your router login. Then you can gain access to the settings section where you can change the network and router settings.
  • Verify the IP Address- Ensure that you have typed the IP Address correctly free of any errors or typos. Be careful of the auto complete feature that may prompt you to enter a wrong IP address.
  • Reboot Your Router- As a last resort, try resetting your router completely. Once you reset the router you can reset the factory settings and restore it to be as good as new. By pressing on the reset button on the router will delete any progress you have achieved in the router’s configuration settings. This will help strengthen the router settings.
  • Update your router- If there are any new updates, please make sure to download the updates in a timely basis. Be sure to check for any new router updates on a regular basis.

Accessing IP Address

In case you are having a network issue you should be able to access your router interface. To access your router management support, you should be aware of your router’s default IP address. Different routers have different IP addresses. You can simply check your IP address via your computer. Keep reading to find out more on how to do this.

  • Windows device- If you are logged in using a windows computer, go to the start menu and type in ‘command prompt aroma’ in the search bar. Then select the command prompt icon. Next type in ‘ipconfig’ in the command prompt window and press enter. Now all the information you require will appear in front of you. 
  • iOS device- If you use a mac computer, go to system preferences located on the apple menu screen. Next go to Network symbol and select advanced alternatives. Then look for the TCP/IP tab which will display the router’s IP address. is a IP address registered by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and is generally used for local networks. 

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